Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zap?
Zap is a payment initiation service provider (PISP).


What does Zap do?

As a PISP we use Open Banking to allow our users to create a payment request that their customer can use to securely transfer funds using their banks mobile or online banking platform.  The funds are sent directly from the payers bank account to the receivers bank account as if you had completed a standard bank transfer - we just save you the time of setting up a new beneficiary and make sure your payment is instantly recognised and acknowledged by the receiver.


What’s the difference between Zap and a normal bank transfer
With Zap, you don’t have to ask for sort codes and account numbers.

I have received a payment request, how do I pay?
Just click on the link and follow the steps.  It's quick and easy!

What is Open Banking?
Open banking refers to European wide legislation that requires banks to provide access to their customers accounts via secure API's and in doing so enable third parties like Zap to build innovative low cost payment solutions for everybodies benefit. 

What is a payment request and how does it work?

A payment request is a unique link generated by Zap that you can send to anyone whose contact details you have such as a customer, friend or family

How can I send my payment requests?

These can be sent as a link via any messaging service on your phone e.g SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Messenger or Airdrop; or scanned as a QR Code.

How payments are made?

By a bank transfer, from the payer’s own banking app.

How long does it take to me to receive funds in my bank account? Which UK banks are supported?

Real-time transferral of funds, with connectivity to over 50 UK banks.

How secure is it?

Very secure. It uses bank-level security and no sensitive data is shared by the payer or recipient.

How much does it cost?

You are charged a transaction fee which is a fraction of the cost of card fees - please ask us for details as we will need to set you up with a business account.