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Just Zap it to start saving!

Your first 10 payments a month are free but if you are a business and plan to use Zap more than that then see how the savings can really start to kick in! Here's the difference Zap can make when compared to the cost of processing £5,000 of monthly cards sales.


0.5% capped at £3
Payments are instant

/ year

Payments take 7
days to arrive

/ year

Payments take 3
days to arrive

/ year

Payments take 2
days to arrive

/ year

Payments take 5
days to arrive

Fees as advertised on January 1, 2021; Stripe 1.4% + 20p; SumUp 2.5%; iZettle 1.75%; PayPal 2.9% + 30p; Assuming average transaction of £50.

What makes Zap different?

The new and improved way to pay and get paid

Zap enables businesses and individuals to pay and get paid easily wherever they are whilst helping our business account holders to reduce the need and cost of accepting card payments.

Low transaction Fees

0.5% capped at £3

Instant Funds

Payments settled instantly! No 2 or 3 day wait as with cards

No Hardware

Manage from your mobile or laptop. No terminal required

Bank Level Security

Money never leaves the UK Faster Payment Network - the same as a traditional bank transfer!

how it works

Requesting a Payment

Create a payment request

Simply enter the amount and an optional description of what the payment is for.

Share with your customer

Send the payment request out via SMS or let them simply scan a QR code.

Funds arrive in seconds

Your customer’s payment arrives in your bank account in a matter of seconds exactly like a regular bank transfer.

Ready to get started?

Register now for an account and start accepting payments within 5 minutes. It's that simple!

how it works

Making a payment

Open the payment request

Open the link in the SMS or scan the QR code on the merchants device.

Select your bank and authorize the payment

The payer is taken to their mobile banking app where they simply authorize the pre-filled bank transfer. No need to key the amount or your account details and no chance of getting it wrong.

Fast and secure

The payment is made using the UK Faster Payments Network just like any other payment and is debited from their account instantly just like any other bank transfer!

Cool & Amazing Design

Amazing Mobile App

People love Zap

What Customers Say



"So quick to get started!"

“Amazing! Getting set up was so quick compared to taking card payments and my customers are finding it simple to use.”


Financial Advisor

"What a great way to take payments"

“PaybyZap has made a real difference to my business!  I'm no longer endlessly chasing customers to make the payment plus it cuts out all those nasty fees!”



"Awesome app"

“PaybyZap is so quick and easy to use and means I am no longer sharing my bank details with everyone!”



"Easy and quick"

“PaybyZap is great because I no longer waste my time trying to identify payments that I receive for the wrong amount or with the wrong reference number - its a lifesaver!”



"No waiting around, I get paid straight away"

“I used to have to wait for customers to send the money in their own time as I had no way to take the payment whilst I was onsite. Now I don't need to wait and I can see the money arrive straight away”



"Awesome app guys!"

“The hassle of arranging how I got paid was always the part I like least about my job but now it is straight forward and doesn't cost the earth!”

What is Open Banking?

A term used to describe the process of banks and other financial institutions opening up data for anyone to access, use and share.

Don’t worry - it’s not as unsafe as that description might make it sound. Banks are effectively putting in place the infrastructure for their customers’ data to be shared more easily with third parties, when the customer chooses to do so.

That last part is important. Open banking isn’t some ploy to allow banks to more easily sell their customers’ data. The intention is quite the opposite - open banking was conceived for the ultimate purpose of improving financial services for customers.

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